CenteringPregnancy® Group Prenatal Care at the Women’s Group of North Florida

We understand that traditional health care during pregnancy leaves some moms feeling left out and unprepared.

That’s why we are very excited to offer group prenatal care for expecting mothers!

What is group prenatal care?

  • Groups of 8-12 expecting mothers due in the same month
  • Facilitated by a consistent provider and co-facilitator
  • 10 prenatal visits; 2 hours long each
  • Take an active role by taking your own weight and blood pressure
  • Groups join in discussions and fun activities
  • Receive a private health assessment before joining the group

What are the benefits of group prenatal care?

  • 10 times more facetime with your provider
  • Meet at consistent days and times
  • Have fun and create bonds with other expecting mothers
  • Feel more informed, actively engaged, and better prepared for labor, delivery, and motherhood
  • Increase the chances for a healthy baby and delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will have private time with your provider at every group. All “tummy checks” and physical exams will be done with your provider in a private room. Patients will also collectively agree not to share another group member’s private information outside of groups. “What happens in Centering, stays in Centering!”

Yes you can schedule individual appointments outside of Centering® groups. Patients can arrange to be seen on another day for non-urgent conditions. Talk to your provider for more information.

Yes! Each group has one clinical facilitator (doctor or midwife) and one co-facilitator that will provide your individual assessments and lead each week’s group. Patients also receive 10 times more time with their provider in group care.

Yes! These will take place at scheduled appointments outside of group sessions. Speak with your group facilitators to set up an appointment.

Centering® encourages moms to bring a support person with them! This must be a consistent person to create a trusting and supportive group environment.

Children are not allowed to attend Centering® group prenatal care. The groups are interactive, in-depth, and private and having children present would interrupt the activities and experiences of other group members. Patients are encouraged to arrange childcare during group appointments.

Yes! Group prenatal care is accepted by most insurances, including Medicaid. Self-pay patients are also accepted.

Are you ready to get started with group prenatal care?

Call our office at 352-792-6123 or speak with someone at your next office visit about CenteringPregnancy® group prenatal care.
Be sure to get added to the upcoming group for your birth month.

Feel confident about the healthcare you receive during pregnancy!