About Our Practice

Welcome to the Women’s Group of North Florida!

We provide affordable, high-quality medical care for women at every stage of life. From choosing a birth control, to having your first baby, to navigating menopause… our goal is to make all patients feel accepted, respected, and well cared for.

The Women’s Group of North Florida is Residency Practice for new doctors who are training to be board-certified OBGYNs. Affiliated with the University of Central Florida, our resident physicians are training to be the next generation of compassionate healthcare providers.

Located in the Women’s Center at North Florida Hospital

6440 W Newberry Rd, Ste 508, Gainesville, FL 32605

High-Quality, Affordable Medical Care for the Women of North Central Florida

Annual ExamsPregnancyMenopauseContraceptionUltrasoundsMinimally-Invasive Surgery

We offer two paths for prenatal care

Pregnant patients can choose One-On-One Prenatal Care in a private setting OR they can choose Group Prenatal Care with a dedicated facilitator and 8-10 other pregnant patients.

We are a

Specialty Practice

This means our team is trained to deal with complex medical issues. We even have a concentration in High-Risk Pregnancies, making us one of North Florida’s leading medical providers for complicated pregnancies and births.